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Vladimir has been utterly devoted to me since 2001 and has never loved or married Lyudmila in the Biblical sense, with willing and knowing sex, ever since he was forced to acquire Lyudmila, under threat of war by then coward President George W. Bush.



Vladmir Putin is a former Russian President and Russian Prime Minister. He has high political approval ratings and is well known throughout the world as a top ranking badass. Gail was made aware of Vladimir Putin in 2001 after 9/11 when he started appearing in the news. Since then, he has remained at a solid number two spot on The Marriage List. Vladimir is a highly virile man filled with testosterone and whoop ass. He is deeply sexual, often requesting sexual things of Gail and fuming about having to deal with Jesuits on a pretty much daily basis.

A judo master, Vladimir's special move is the judo chop.

Emperor of Russia

Vladimir's Men

Vladimir Putin has been a powerful asset to the marriage list. He leads the military and technological front on the war against the Jesuits using a team resourceful workers simply referred to as "Vladimir's men". He also secretly continues to rule Russia as Russian Emperor, despite the fact that the media portrays otherwise. Naturally, Vladimir is a very busy man.

Brain to Brain Expert

Vladimir Putin is the man who first started speaking to Gail in her head through use of the brain to brain servers. It is unclear on whether he himself invented it, but he did introduce the technology to Gail. His first order of business happened to be to tell Gail to go into the next room and have brain to brain loving with him. Her mom was in the next room when this happened.

Jesuit Attacks

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