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He started off our relationship with the words "I want to rape you"



Brent Spiner is an American actor best known for his portrayal of Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Similar to her belief that Gerard Butler is a psychiatrist, Gail also believes that Brent Spiner is a medical doctor with a specialty in gynecology.


Brent Spiner is Gail's primary lover, whom she frequently refers to as her husband. Brent is an intelligent, witty, romantic man who has served Gail unconditionally as a spiritual husband and fulfills her every need. Brent never criticizes Gail, disagrees, offers advice she doesn't like, or has any interests in his life that don't somehow revolve around Gail. He services her sexually every night until she falls asleep, talks to her brain to brain frequently during the day and keeps her informed of Jesuit activity. While their relationship has always been sexually open (for Gail), he has also agreed several times to take a romantic back seat to other men she has decided to temporarily favor as a main husband instead including Vladimir Putin and Jesus. Along with Vladimir Putin and Gerard Butler, Brent has played a large part in the assembly of The Marriage List.


Jesuit Attacks

  • Brent Spiner has been harassed, raped, and tortured by Loree McBride ever since his relationship with Gail began
  • Brent Spiner has an evil clone that has tried to kill him
  • The lower half of Brent's body has been replaced by an evil clone version that performed embarrassing sexual acts
  • Jesuits have remotely induced several heart attacks in Brent
  • At the Jesuit Homosexual Compound, Brent was forced to take a football up his anus
  • Brent's arm was cut off, though replaced later with a clone arm
  • Brent has been sexually harassed by Satan who has slapped him on the ass in the men's bathroom and made him piss himself
  • In the presence of the antichrist, Brent was temporarily turned gay and was sandwiched between Matthew McConaughy and Vladimir Putin in an orgy

First Contact

Gail became hooked on Brent Spiner after watching the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Pen Pals. Impressed by his acting, she sent him a fan letter. When Brent replied, an entire year later, to her fan mail with a brief and polite form letter, Gail was so shocked and excited that she began writing him incessantly. Gail claims to have mailed literally hundreds of letters, cassettes, and video tapes to Brent Spiner over a several year period. When this became eventually forbidden by her husband (after he found out about her obsession from a social worker), she would simply sneak out of the house to mail the letters while he was asleep. A few of the letters (discussed below) she has made available on her website, but most have been lost with time.

Gail sent her first letter to Brent in September 1989 (this letter was never made public).

In August 1990, Gail received her first, and only, reply from the genuinely real Brent Spiner.

Dear Ms. Schuler,

I apologize for the lateness of this reply, but due to my schedule on Star Trek: The Next Generation and off, I’m behind on my mail. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. They were read with appreciation. Thank you for your comments about my portrayal of Data. They were read with interest.

I hope you continue to watch and enjoy the show.

Sincerely, Brent Spiner

Gail immediately sent a reply:

Dear Brent:

I don't feel that I have adequately thanked you for taking the time from your busy schedule to write a personal letter to me. I was quite shocked to get a letter from you, but now that I am over the shock -- I've decided to express my gratitude in song. I promise you that I am not singing you any gushy love songs. I'm just singing some Christian hymns. There are about 7 songs on the tape and there are some pauses in between. After my singing I just filled up the tape with some music by Handel and Bach. I don't care if you listen to this or not. I know you're busy. Every now and then I get in the mood for music like that, but the music I most enjoy is music sung from the heart (even if there are mistakes in it).

Sometimes I wonder if these "professional" musicians really mean what they sing. I hope you'll have time to listen. Maybe you could just stick it in your car's cassette deck. We have one in our car. Be patient with my piano playing and my singing. It is difficult for me to sing along with my piano playing as (you will notice) that my playing is not the greatest. I've only had a year and a half of piano lessons, but I've been practicing a lot on my own. My piano could use a good tuning, also. People say they love to hear me sing. I used to sing in choirs, did solos (I never volunteered -- I get stagefright -- the choir directors of the churches would beg me to do it). In fact, I was once a member of a church of about 1,000 people. When the choir director asked me to do solos, I flat refused. I just couldn't handle singing alone in front of all those people. I have also sung in the chorus for Handel's Messiah in my high school chorus -- that was a long time ago, and I've sung in the background for some professional operas at the Miami Beach auditorium. I think I've most enjoyed singing for the Handel's Messiah. Of course, I am my own worst critic, but I hope you will like my singing as well as every one else says they like it. I've had very little formal voice training. This is mostly impromptu singing -- so you'll notice a lot of mistakes. I just hope the message of the songs will come across despite my human frailties. I just sing from my heart. God bless you and you are in my prayers daily. Give my regards to Richard Arnold, if you remember. And if you think my singing is any good let him listen. I'd like for him to hear it, also. I think you guys are the greatest!

Gail Schuler

Given the content of these initial letters, Gail was already showing clear warning signs of being a potential celebrity stalker. She also fails to reason that a celebrity so busy that they couldn’t even open a fan letter for an entire year is not going to be interested in long diatribes about that fan’s life, not that they normally are.

Notably, the real life Brent Spiner is also a hardcore athiest. Nevertheless, Gail assumes that he would be willing to listen to an entire tape of Christian hymns sent to him by a stranger.

Gail sent another letter:

Dear Brent:

We just found out where we will be in around 4 months. We are going to Seattle! I'm thrilled! Seattle is a beautiful city and I would prefer it over San Francisco or Long Beach. I have been to all three places. Even if we did get stationed in Long Beach, that would not increase my chances of meeting you, because I'm sure you try to hide like a hermit from your crazy fans. Any ways, we prayed that we would be stationed where it was God's will for us to be, and He chose Seattle.

I just want to let you know that even if you did send me a form letter, I am still very pleased to have heard from you. With all the mail you get that may be the only way you can respond, and just because you use a form letter does not mean that you were not sincere in what you said. I choose to believe that you were sincere. I was wrong when I said that it would make my day and month to hear from you. I'm still thrilled that I heard from you and it has been 3 1/2 months. The reason why, is because you responded with a letter. A letter is much more flattering to me than an autograph picture (in character).

I don't think you could have worded your reply any better than you did. You must have put a lot of thought into it. If you didn't, it sure appears that way. I told Richard I would faint if I heard from you. Well, I didn't faint, I was in a state of disbelief for about 3 days. After hearing from you, I believe that maybe not all Hollywood celebrities are as bad as I've been told. Personally, I feel that the average Hollywood actor stinks. I look at those men and wonder what American women see in them. It isn't that they are ugly, they just don't have any character. I never dreamed I would end up writing a Hollywood actor, but I fell in love with Data and decided to look you up. Later, I began to figure out that you were not like Data and decided to treat you as a fellow human being.

I've learned from my mother that you don't marry for money, you marry for true love (which is totally different from infatuation). Good grief, I don't even know you well enough to love you. I just find you interesting and I care about you because God has laid you on my heart. It's obvious that you understand where I am coming from, by your reply. Your reply was perfect, I couldn't have asked for anything more. If your reply has been romantic, I would have been sorely disappointed in you because I am a married woman. I don't respect adultery. If your reply had been an autograph picture, I would have been glad; but it wouldn't have impressed me particularly. But to send such a kind, sensitive reply as you did; and with such tact and gentlemanliness, was so much more than I thought you were capable of! I am impressed, indeed.

It is wonderful to be married to someone who knows all about you and has seen you at your absolute worst and still loves you any ways. I feel comfortable with my husband. He loves me for what I really am (of course my faults do get on his nerves and his on mine, but as long as we're on this sin cursed planet things won't be perfect); but, I know God gave me my husband because only someone God gave to me, would put up with me. One thing bad about marriage is you realize just how bad you really are. You lose all illusions you may have had about yourself. Thank God for a patient husband. He is God's gift to me. He is a treasure!! And I think you would make a marvelous friend.

Gail Chord Schuler

Gail continues to emphasize her star struck enthusiasm over Brent Spiner. In typical Gail fashion, she realizes that his letter was far less personal than she initially believed, and was in fact a form letter, but still twists that to somehow mean it really was a personal letter anyway. Her infatuation for the actor is no doubt fueled by the fact that she felt she was personally touched by his fame, and she tries to magnify the significance of the experience as much as possible.


Later that year, Gail began receiving sexual prank calls to her house. The first call came from an unknown man that said, "I want to rape you". Gail was offended, and hung up on him.

This caller sounded like he knew me. I knew it wasn’t any one in Washington state. It had to be someone at Paramount.

Gail dove into graphology, which is the analysis of an individual’s personality through studying their handwriting. Through using this method, Gail theorized the caller must be Richard Arnold, a spokesperson for Star Trek.

Brent had strong arcades (arches) in his signature that indicated protective qualities, that he nurtured and protected people. The flow of his writing and the pressure indicated he was capable of strong feelings and commitment, and that he had sophistication and depth to his thinking. Nothing in his signature indicated a criminal mind. … Richard’s signature was what graphologists (handwriting analysts) call a thread. A thread indicates problems and evasiveness. Brent’s legible handwriting indicated a more honest and forthright person, and that he had energy and health. But I only had signatures and signatures only showed how the person presented themselves to the public and not the real person, so I still hadn’t a clue over who my mystery caller was.

She wrote Richard to tell him of the sexy call, and Richard, sensing red flags, replied saying he was not going to continue any contact with her.

Richard wrote me back to say he could no longer write me and that I wouldn’t hear from him anymore, that I apparently took his letters far too seriously.

Later that year, Gail received a casette tape from Melody Rondeau, a fellow Star Trek fan and pen pal who worked on articles in the Star Trek fanzine Data Entries. The tape contained Brent Spiner’s new music album "Ol Yellow Eyes Is Back". Gail was touched by the love songs, and came to a startling conclusion – Brent Spiner was the mystery rape caller all along.

When Brent said to me, “I want to rape you,” I saw past his words and sensed the longing and sensitivity in his voice, that mirrored his soul. . .and I adored him, because he relished the sexual experience as his way to have oneness with me, not to rape me against my will, but to rape me to thrill me with the oneness he already felt with my soul and mind. He longed to rape me with thrills and crescendos in the bedroom, and risked his reputation to thrill and cherish me with words. This transparency of his, his desire to thrill me with words of unabashed courage and sensitivity, thrilled me, so that I dreamed of making love to him all day long throughout most of 1991.


Gail would continue to send loads of letters, tapes, photographs, and gifts to Brent Spiner.

"I'm typing War on the Saints (unabridged edition--from around 1900) into the computer for Brent (Lynnwood, Washington apartment). Photo taken around November 1992. I was 35. You can see the camcorder on our dining room table in the background that I used to make videos of myself for Brent."
…I arranged for those at this bookstore (where I mailed the money for this presentation to the bookstore) and instructed them to mail this two volume videocassette presentation to Brent (via Paramount studios). I would have mailed it directly to Brent, but was forbidden at this time by my husband to write letters to Brent Spiner, because of the “slip” by the social worker’s notes into our health insurance paperwork, in which this social worker’s breached his promise to keep secret my confidences about Brent. I’d mailed to Brent (via this bookstore) a two-volume videocassette Revelation Bible music and slide presentation that portrays what will happen to planet earth in the last days (according to Bible prophecy). In this slide presentation the beast or 666 (anti-Christ) is presented as a Roman Catholic pope.
I never sent him any immodest photos of myself, but always dressed in my photos to him like a Christian lady should dress, and even mailed him Christian gospel tracts that explained to him how to accept Christ as his Savior.
I typed out the entire book War on the Saints and mailed it to Brent, because I sensed something terribly wrong with him, that he needed strengthening against the devil.

It wasn't until David Schuler (under the sincere belief that his wife was cheating on him with the real Brent Spiner) sent a threatening letter of his own, that Gail received another reply, but this time from Paramount Studios attorneys warning the Schulers to back off. While the creepy collections of letters and gifts were probably normal faire for the studio when it came to crazed fans, having received an actual threat from David Schuler no doubt crossed the line.

This letter claimed that Brent had never contacted me ever in any way, except for an autographed photo and that he did not desire to hear from me. I recall that the inaccuracies of this Fed Ex letter outraged me, and fumed to myself that what I got from Brent was a letter, not an autographed photo.

The fact that Paramount attorneys specified that Brent had only sent an autographed photo would imply that Brent didn't specifically remember Gail. Given the lack of specific recognition, and considering the particularly high volume of letters and items sent to him, it would be reasonable to assume that Brent Spiner never actually received any of it at all, including David's letter, and in fact all of the fanmail received from overzealous, inappropriate and possibly dangerous fans was intercepted by Paramount representatives before they could even be forwarded to Brent.

Gail threw the letter in the trash, cried, and prayed for three hours.

Coincidentally, the next day, a powerful earthquake struck Los Angeles. Gail believes that the only people who died in the earthquake worked for Paramount, and she interpreted this as a message from God that he approved of Brent and Gail’s relationship.

I knew God had sent that earthquake to answer my three hour prayer from the day before. It boggled my mind that, I, such a lying, adulterous sinner could get answers in prayer like this from God. This earthquake was further proof to me, that God supported my love for Brent Spiner. In the middle of the earthquake, Brent called--but didn’t talk to me, and I discerned that he had wiretapped my phone (because I heard these strange beepy noises and other noises on my phone that I’d never heard before, and I figured it out).

Three Weeks Of Silence

The relationship between Gail and Brent was bolstered in part through perceived telephone “conversations”. Any time the phone would ring and the caller would hang up, it was assumed to be Brent. Other times, Gail would pick up the phone and dial her own number to talk to Brent herself, who she was convinced was listening to her through wiretap. He would occasionally respond by creating changes in dial tone and phone beeps, which she listened very carefully for.

Then, in September 1992, my phone became silent for three weeks, including my birthday (unusual for Brent). On my birthday (September 15, 1991), Brent rang my phone off the hook. It seemed, in September 1992, Brent had just mysteriously disappeared from my life. Devastated, because I’d bared my heart and soul to him since May 1991, I thought my arms and legs had been cut off. I went to God in prayer and begged God to give me strength to go on. I thought I’d die.

This was extremely devastating to Gail.

I was in so much emotional pain, that three weeks in September when he didn’t call me, that I told God that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to live.

The pain was so intense, that I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t function. I said God if you don’t do a miracle for me, I’m going to die. Through Brent I found completeness, wholeness as a person. He made me feel integrated, gave me confidence. And, all of a sudden, like a split second, he was cut out of my life, for no apparent reason. I felt like the blood gushed out of my body and I was losing all my strength. The only way I could stop the flow of blood coming from my severed arm. I agonized in prayer that three weeks. I said, “God, you’ve got to do something for me.”

Gail thought that perhaps Brent was breaking up with her. Little did she know at this time that he was actually being raped by Loree McBride, and was simply too traumatized to talk to her. Her assumptions about Brent’s lack of commitment would come to be proven wrong.

In November 1992, a little girl in our church (after a long, slow and painful death) died of brain cancer. I decided to go to her funeral, it just seemed the right thing to do--to support this family in the time of their grief--boy, did I understand grief over a loss. While at the funeral, as I heard our pastor, Ken Blue, bring the funeral’s message--I realized that God was talking to me through the message. I looked up at the sky and said a silent prayer of thanks. I can’t remember the words of the message, but recall this feeling of peace that came over me, as if God told me that what I suffered with Brent (because morally I was denied him) was a great event in heaven and that God took notice of my sacrifice, and that He honored me for choosing God over the love of my life (Brent). God seemed to tell me that what Brent and I suffered in September 1992 was truly some of the deepest suffering He’d ever seen in all human history and that’s why He allowed this little girl to die, just so He could use her death to speak to me and to comfort me about my love for Brent and to encourage me in my love for Brent. It was as if God told me that my love for Brent was part of His plan for my life and that He encouraged this love, and that He’d make it so that I could have Brent without adultery.

When Gail got home from the funeral, she put the West Side Story into her CD player and hit "random". The song that played was "Somewhere" by Carol Lawrence. Gail broke down into tears of joy, believing this song to be a continuing message from God.

The relief was not long lived. Gail soon found out about Loree Mcbride, and after an altercation in her closet with a dead phone, dumped Brent. However, the two still remained friends while Gail went on to begin a relationship with actor Franco Nero. Meanwhile, Loree McBride, who Gail believed to be Brent’s vengeful girlfriend, began to terrorize her. Gail would soon find out about the Jesuits. As soon as she realized that Loree McBride had been a Jesuit agent all along, she forgave Brent, quickly dumped Franco Nero, and took Brent back. Brent wound up being replaced by Vladimir Putin in 2001 anyway, but still maintained his status as a husband. Instead of phone calls and letters however, the two began speaking brain to brain, and this became their primary method of communication until 2011.

Inbox to Inbox Communications

One year after creating her website, Gail opened up a YouTube account and began to make videos for her lovers, mostly claiming that Brent was requesting them to her through brain to brain communications. Within the year, Brent Spiner opened up his own YouTube account and sent her a personal message, expanding the relationship to epic proportions. When the YouTube account was eventually closed, Brent continued to message her through e-mail. To this day, the lovers regularly exchange e-mails, forum posts on Church of Gail, and brain to brain communications. Although Brent still occasionally gets the back seat to other men Gail happens to favor at different times, he is always referred back to as her main husband.

The adventures of Gail and Brent Spiner continue.

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